Welcome to Fullness of Grace

The purpose of our ministry is to help Christians grow in their faith by forming a deep spiritual life in which they live out their vocations to holiness, intimacy with God, and bearing witness to Christ.

Most people do not receive all the graces that God wants to give them.

The Lord wants to pour out torrents of graces upon us, but many do not know how to receive all the gifts that He wants to give us. So many graces intended for our benefits are left unclaimed, many of God’s gifts are denied, and many of His blessings are not received. Unfortunately, many of us do not realize that we are passing up on many of God’s graces simply because of we do not know how to respond or have the proper disposition to receive them.

Mary, Full of Grace

We can grow in grace by understanding and imitating the qualities of our mother and our model, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary received God's grace not just because she is the Mother of God, but because of her dispositions and ability to properly respond to God’s grace. If we honor our Blessed Mother and follow her guidance, we too can merit the fullness of grace that God has in store for each one of us.

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May God pour out his graces upon you and yours in abundance!