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The need to forgive is a difficult topic for everyone. In this video, Fr. Quan explains the what, why, and how to forgive. Peace comes through forgiveness. Learn how to forgive those who have hurt you in this important video.
Rev. Quan Tran discusses the stages of the spiritual life, with special emphasis on the purgative stage.
Rev. Quan Tran explains the three stages of the interior life, with special emphasis on the Illuminative Stage.
Fr. Quan Tran explains the third stage of the Spiritual Life - the Unitive stage.
Here is Fr. Quan's homily on John 6:1-15 and 2 Kings 4:42-44, which is the reading on Jesus' miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes.
Rev. Quan Tran's Homily on the Solemnity of St. John the Baptist.
Rev. Quan Tran teaches about the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.
Fr. Quan Tran discusses the meaning of the beatitudes with Jenny Cochrane.
Rev. Quan Tran teaches us how to pray.

How to pray part 2.

Fr. Quan Tran helps us understand suffering.
Rev. Quan Tran teaches us about the four levels of love and how to grow in love.
This Lent grow in holiness and virtue by learning about the seven deadly sins. Fr. Quan Tran teaches us about the 7 Deadly Sins and opposing virtues.
Father Quan Tran continues teaching about the seven deadly sins.
Fr. Tran explains grace and why it is critical to our sanctification.

Deputy District Attorney Becomes a Priest: here is the amazing conversion and vocation story of Fr. Quan Tran.

Thinking about creating a New Year's resolution? Instead of simply focusing on losing weight, or spending less, think about your soul and how can you grow in sanctity this year! Fr. Quan Tran gives some practical recommendations for New Year's Resolutions for your soul.

Eucharistic Adoration Talk by Rev. Quan Tran Fr. Tran answers these questions about adoration: What is adoration? Why adoration? What does one do during adoration? What happens during adoration? 

Fr. Quan Tran explains how we can live Advent by following Mary as our model.
Fr. Quan Tran explains the Immaculate Conception