The following are recorded Sunday homilies by Fr. Quan Tran, given at St. Bonaventure Catholic Parish in Huntington Beach, CA. 


28th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Gratitude and Praise to God for all His goodness…

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Respect Life Sunday…

26th Sunday of Ordinary Time

A life of excess and indulgence can dull, harden, and constrict the heart.


25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Learning from the prudent steward…

22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

The ugliness of pride and vanity and the beauty of humility and magnanimity…


19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Faith is multidimensional…


18th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Many people confuse means with ends…


16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Recollection is essential yet elusive in our world…


15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Jesus is the Good Samaritan and we are the victim…


14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

We are chosen and sent into a hostile world…


13th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Jesus gives us the job description for discipleship…


Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Only Jesus can fulfill our deepest hunger…

God the Father.jpg

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

God the Father is the source and model of all fathers…


Pentecost Sunday

The descent of the Holy Spirit starts the salvation economy of grace…


Ascension of the Lord

The Ascension of Jesus triggers three important events…


6th Sunday of Easter

The Indwelling of the Holy Trinity


Divine Mercy Sunday

How to experience the peace of Christ…

Easter Sunday

Does God want us to be joyful?


5th Sunday of Lent (Year A readings)

Are you afraid of death? The readings speak about God’s power over death…


4th Sunday of Lent

Which character of the parable do you identify with most?


3rd Sunday of Lent

Stages in the journey of faith…


2nd Sunday of Lent

Why do we have the reading of the Transfiguration during the second week of Lent?


1st Sunday of Lent

The three temptations of Jesus point to the three weaknesses of our human nature…


8th Sunday of Ordinary Time

We are called to examine and know ourselves in order to be conformed to Jesus…


7th Sunday of Ordinary Time

To love is to will the good of the other…


6th Sunday of Ordinary Time

A huge contrast exists between the ways of God and the ways of the world…


5th Sunday of Ordinary Time

There is a pattern to discerning and living out one’s vocation…


4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Love is patient, love is kind…

word of God.jpg

3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Word of God must be proclaimed, received, and fulfilled…


2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

The wedding feast at Cana helps us to understand Mary’s role and relationship with God and with us…

Baptism of the Lord.JPG

Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Why did Jesus have to be baptized? Why do we have to be baptized?